The 21+ New Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day (2018)

valentines day 2018

Valentines Day 2018 – Love is all around, as soon we hear the word valentines, a smile occur on our face as we remember someone very special, someone, who is very close to our heart. Hey guys, If you are reading this article, then you might be searching something new for your special ones. First of all, wish you all the best for your relations. In this article, I am going to tell you about new ways to celebrate valentines day with your partner. Here, I assure you that you will be impressed with the new ideas of celebrating valentines day 2018.

Valentines day occurs on 14 Feb, however, there is more six days before valentines day which is also for the couple. On 14 Feb, the lovers spend their time together either by celebrating it or by outing. On this day the environment becomes romantic as there are lovers and their love is all around.and everywhere.


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Valentines day 2018 Unique Ideas

Happy Valentines Day 2018


  1.  Celebrate the full day with your partner – Spending time with your partner and memorize old things is one of the great feelings ever. This makes your relationship stronger. Plan a day where there is less crowd or where there you can feel some privacy.
  2. Plan for a Candle Light Dinner – I hope you understand the title of the idea, candlelight dinner is most romantic one can have on valentines day.
  3. Low Budget Ideas – If you are running out of money and didn’t have less then don’t worry, here are some ideas which can impress your partner like – prepare a beautiful video which tells your story of the relationship including some images, gift her some bunch of red roses, because red is the color of love.
  4. Dating – Plan for a full romantic date which a girl dream for. This makes your relationship deeper.
  5. Greet with Gifts – Gifts is also a symbol of love. Gift her/him a gift which she/he required. Remember a gift on valentines day can never be forgotten by your partner. So greet her/him with a cute little gift.
  6. Propose again with the ring – Propose her/him again with the help of ring. A ring is again a symbol of love and is a very special gift one can dream for especially girls.
  7. Go out a place where you propose her/him for the 1st time – The place where your love exists is really mattered a lot. You can go there and memorize your proposal day. In fact, you can propose her/him again at the same place with the same style.
  8. Meet & Read the old chat of yours – Trust me this is one of the funniest and impressing things ever. You have to do nothing, just meet your partner and read old chats together.
  9. Romantic Movie – Plan a romantic movie with your partner not in the theater or in cinema hall but in your own house or farmhouse (if you have).
  10. Cook a special food for him/her – Cook for her, it’s really feel good if someone cooks your favorite food for you, that too on valentines day.

I really hope that above ideas seem unique to you and hope that you pick anyone ideas from above which is suitable for you. If this is not much then here are some more ideas for valentines day.

Short Ideas for Valentines Day

  1. Go for a Long Drive with your partner and make sure the songs which should be played is romantic and sing along with the songs by giving a looks towards your partner. That makes romantic night/drive.
  2. As we all know Valentine’s day occurs on 14 Feb that means a slight cool wind will blow, plan a night in the terrace with your partner.
  3. Do craziest things from which your partner impress and wish her valentines day.
  4. Go out with him/her to the ice-cream parlor and together lick the one ice-cream cone.
  5. Order food from outside and enjoy with her by having delicious food.

I hope you like the ideas of celebrating valentines day 2018. You can bookmark this page as more update coming soon. Follow trendingfest to know the details of each festival.

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