7 Best Indian Independence Day Wallpapers and Greeting cards 2017

independence day wallpaper

Indian Independence Day Wallpapers: Our Indian flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya at Bezwada in 1921. When flag was designed it had Red and Green strips with  white at the middle of these two colors. The two colors were to represent India’s two major communities, whereas the white one represent all other communities. The white color contains spinning wheel commonly used by Mahatma Gandhi. However later red color had changed into Saffron color.

Another fact, do you know India was named after the River Indus, since it was home to the Indus Valley Civilization here is a collection of Independence day wallpaper, greeting cards and best wishes to all Indians you may love to share.

independence day wallpaper
credit – webneel


independence day wallpaper
credit – webneel

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Happy Independence Day India

happy Independence day images

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