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Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day – Hello Guys, Happy Friendship Day to you all, here in this post you will find each and everything related to Happy Friendship Day. Yes everything means everything whether it is related to Happy friendship day images (HD), Happy friendship day Wallpaper, Quotes, Happy Friendship Day Gifts, Cards and many more. If you are very close to your friends and want to express your feeling towards them, then go ahead with the article. So your wait is over, here are All About Happy Friendship Day.

What is Happy Friendship Day –

Nostalgia… According to the Google translator, it’s “a sentimental longing or wishful affection for a period in THE PAST”. But, for me it has never been about the time or event, I feel nostalgic about PEOPLE. PEOPLE, with whom I shared my childhood…PEOPLE, with whom I spent umpteen evenings shouting and running in the playground…PEOPLE, who made it possible to sit through those torturous HISTORY classes…PEOPLE, who became my partners-in-crime, so that I no longer needed to stand alone outside the classroom…PEOPLE, with whom I laughed, cried, loved and lived

Some of those PEOPLE are now in different cities, different states, pursuing different dreams; living different lives…Some of them are though at shorter distances, but time had been cruel enough to make it almost impossible for us to re-unite…Some of them are still in my contact-lists and some of them haven’t been in touch since ages now…

Nevertheless, I’ve met some new PEOPLE at almost every step of my journey…Coaching-mates, College-colleagues, Gym-buddies and even strangers in clubs…..

These people; no matter how unique they are; they have one common quality, one thing that makes them different from others– an entitlement that brings them a little closer to my life…All these people that I’ve met at random on different occasions, in different periods of my life—they share a special bond with me—an affection that cannot be explained—a selfless affiliation, popularly known as FRIENDSHIP!

FRIENDSHIP—what a beautiful WORLD it is! There’s an old saying about FRIENDSHIP, which defines it as the only SHIP that doesn’t sink…Although, it’s been said as a joke, but it seems to me like one of the wonderful truths of life. No matter how far we are or whether we go without talking for months, the love we share never seems to cease a bit…We may not be able to share a lot of memories, but the moments we spent together are priceless…

Oops!! Before I forget, “Happy Friendship Day Folks” 🙂

Now, honestly, I am not very fond of celebrating one special day for anything…I am one of those, who think that every day is as special as it gets (Yes, We Still Exist!!)…But, I cannot say that I’m not thankful to Mr Joyce Hall of Hallmark Cards, to start such a groovy tradition of taking a day off to rejoice the exquisite affinity of LOVE and celebrating Happy FRIENDSHIP Day.

It might have been started as a commercial gimmick to increase the sales of the greeting cards, gifts and bands, but over the years THE HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY has been established as a remarkable emblem of shared love and affection all over the world. Every year on first Sunday of August (or any other fixed day in different countries, like 8th of April, or 30th of July),  people around the globe come together to celebrate this HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY by exchanging gifts, cards, flowers and wrist bands (Commonly known as the Friendship Bands) made especially for this occasion.

Unique Idea’s for Happy Friendship Day –

Instead of celebrating happy friendship day like partying over night or anything else. Let’s do something different this time for your friends. So here , I  am gonna write an Open Letter to all those people whom I’ve been privileged to call “My Friends”, on the occasion of Happy Friendship Day. I know guys, we are all rushing through our lives and in doing so, somehow we have forgotten how to live… We find ourselves struggling to take some time off to enjoy those weekend-trips and I don’t know how many re-unions we have skipped over the years… Although, we are making some new friends almost every day, but we’ve not been able to keep up with the pace and those “New Friends” eventually become nothing more than a “heap of forgotten contacts” saved in our mobile-phones.!

This letter is to all the special persons in my life: “Near or far, wherever you are, I want you all to know that you will always be as special to me and I’ll be there for you whenever you need me…”

Open Letter (type of Idea to celebrate Happy Friendship Day) –

[su_box title=”Happy Friendship Day to all of you” box_color=”#ee4141″]

Happy Friendship Day

Dear Forever’s (old, new, ex…), It’s been a long journey, longer enough to meet plenty of new people at every instance. But, only a handful of them could really connect with me. You see, it’s a rare thing – friendship, beautiful, but rare and being a wacky sociopath like me never really helps. So, when I say that I’ve been so lucky to have you guys by my side, don’t interpret as an exaggeration.

I believe there’s always a reason why certain people are meant to be in each other’s lives. Sometimes, I even wonder how life would have been turned out if I never happened to meet with some of you. What if I was brought up in a different town? What if I had joined a different school? What if I had chosen a different course or a different college? What if I never met you? Would my life have been the same? Would I have been turned out to be the same person as I am today? Well…I don’t think so. You all have an impact on my life, greater than you could imagine. You all have taught me something, you all have given me something beyond love and care.

It doesn’t make sense to say “thank you” every time you do something for me, because this “every time” comes too often too soon. Should I say “thank you” for listening to me vent for hours after midnight about how screwed up my life is? Should I say “thank you” for coming over every time I feel down and saying “Uth saale chal koi movie dekh ke aate hain” or should I say “thank you” for those “unsuccessful” midnight cooking sessions followed by a long ride in search of food all over the city? Should I say “thank you” for covering up for me when I go on a date and come back home wasted? Should I say “thank you” for saving my ass and writing all my assignments on time? Should I say “thank you” for co-composing those messages I couldn’t send to my crush or should I say “thank you” for passing those messages over?

I know, you guys don’t expect a muffin basket or a bouquet every time, but consider this letter as a fun treat – only with less calories and without any cellophane.

As I said before, I’ve lost too many friends down the line, and I cannot blame time or distance for each one of them. Sometimes, things just don’t work out as planned. More than often it strikes me as so strange that we don’t talk anymore. There are moments when something reminds me of you and I want to let you know, but so much time has passed since we stopped talking that it seems awkward to call or text. But, I want you all to know that no issue is bigger than our friendship and I really hope that someday we’d be able to solve our differences.

We have done so many crazy things together, that we could certainly be nominated for any bizarre award as the idiotic bonkers. Let it be “playing truth or dare” in public and “asking to propose a random girl on street” or “sneaking in and out of hostel past midnight to scream and sing at the front of Principle’s house”. Let it be “riding 10 miles on a bike just to drink that ‘Cutting Chai’ at Railway Station” or “creating a scene outside cinema hall to sneak in a friend without ticket”.

We’ve s pent so much time talking literally about everything and nothing. We’d start discussing PlayStation and somehow end up talking about periods. We’d discuss everything from politics to Bollywood, from a matter of national interest to the sale at Sarojini.

I admire our connection, which allows us to understand each other without even saying a word. Particularly the time, when we see some strangers across the hall and pass the comments by mere expressions, and laugh as hell once we get out of there.

Sometimes, I wonder why are we still friends despite all the differences that we have, despite the fact that we had our ups and downs? What is it that binds us together after all those fights and falling outs? Honestly, I don’t know… Maybe it is love? But, love has never been that strong in other relationships. Then what is it?

To answer this question, I’d quote Sir George Orwell, as he says, “Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.

It seems fair, now as I think about why we became friends in the first place, the only thing that I can recall is how it clicked that we share same believes and we had something in common that made me feel like I wasn’t the only one. We survived each other’s craziness, because we both had the same level of insanity.

Today, on this auspicious day of friendship, I really wish that we share many more strangely beautiful memories in upcoming years, so that we would be able to laugh out loud in our late 80’s remembering and reliving those moments together.

Once Again, Happy Friendship Day, folks!

Stay Crazy, Don’t be Lazy and Live the Life to the Fullest…!!


ME (Your Name). [/su_box]

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So, this idea of Open Letter suddenly came in my mind to celebrate Happy Friendship Day 2017. You can directly copy the letter for your friends to make him/her feel special on the occasion of Happy Friendship Day. I hope you like this way of expressing love and care towards your friends, which makes your friendship bond more stronger than before.

This is all about Happy Friendship Day, I hope you all got satisfied with this ultimate idea of celebrating Happy Friendship day, Friendship day Images, Happy Friendship day Quotes, Wallpaper, etc…!!

Stay tuned to find more updates related to Happy Friendship Day. Till then enjoy and rock your friendship. Once again, Happy Friendship Day Guys….. 🙂

Friendship Day Images (HD), Quotes & Wallpaper (Full Info)!

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