Friendship Day Messages, SMS, Text Messages – 5th Aug 2018

Friendship Day Messages

Friendship Day Messages – Hey friends, First of all Happy friendship day to you. Finally, the day arrives when you are here searching for best and unique message for your friends which suit them well. Don’ worry, we are here to solve your problem, in this post I will try to provide best and unique Friendship day Messages and SMS to you. So let’s move ahead in the search of friendship day messages.

Well friendship is the most beautiful relation made by us. It’s a relations of love, care, jealousy, trust, and many more. Friends are very important in each and every life or we can say friends plays a vital role in everybody life’s.This year friendship day is going to celebrate on 5th of August, 2018. Many friends have already started preparation for this day such as buying gifts, greeting cards for their close and best friends.

Friendship Day Messages

Some friends enjoy this day by partying over night in disco and having a lots of fun, this is mostly seen in youngsters. However, the day starts with sending pics and images of friendship day through various social media, surprising your friends by showing your feelings towards them with the help of quotes, dedicating Whatsapp and Facebook status to them. This small-small things sometimes create a big happy moment in life and it means a lot to them.

Sometimes a good and unique text messages or SMS also make your friendship bond more stronger than before. So here I have a collection of some Friendship Day Messages, hope you all like it.

Friendship Day Messages or SMS 2018 –

  1. Friendship means Understanding, not Agreement. It means Forgiveness, not Forgetting. It means the Memories last, even if Contact is lost. Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  2. It feel Wonderful to have a friend like you. Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  3. If you open my heart, Guess, what you see ? It’s you, true friends are hard to find, So I kept you.! Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  4. This page is too small to define, how much you and your friendship matter to me. Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  5. Friends are like Balloons, Once you let them go, you can’t get it back. So I am gonna ties you to my heart, so I never loose you.! Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  6. Life is nothing without Friendship, is similar to Life is nothing without you.! Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  7. Friendship often ends in love, But love in friendship never! Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  8. Finally a day arrives, A day to thank you for walking alongside me more consistently than shadow, for being patient with me, for loving me, for understanding me, for trusting me and for being my friends. Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  9. we met it was LUCK, we talked it was CHANCE, we became friends it was DESTINY, we are still friends it is FAITH, we will always be friends it’s a PROMISE.! Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day!
  10. A true friend is one who looks overlooks your Failure and tolerate your Success!
  11. Being in love with each other doesn’t means that you have to be lovers. Sometimes you just have to be friends.
  12. Happiness is being around you always and forever. Happy Friendship Day.


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