Friendship Day Images, Wallpaper, Quotes – 6th Aug 2017

Happy Friendship Day

All about Happy Friendship Day – Hello Guys, Happy Friendship Day to you all, here in this post you will find each and everything regarding the Friendship Day. Yes everything means everything whether it is related to friendship images (HD), WallpaperQuotes, and many more. So let’s start going through the article.

As we all know this day brings lot of joy and happiness in each life. You and your friends express love and heartfelt feelings and promise to always be there in their difficult time. A friends is the one who doesn’t backstab, who don’t get jealous of your success and always try to make you feel good and happy. A friend is one who share all your secret with you without thinking twice, is one who surprise you with unnecessary gifts, a friend is one who scold you, if you have done something wrong and make you feel sorry, is one who feel sorry for you, if they have done something wrong. A friend is one who never allow any other friend to enter in your life and also not allow you to give importance to other friends.

What are the Qualities of Good and True Friends –

  1. Always be there for you in your bad time.
  2. Care for you.
  3. Feel for you.
  4. Scold you, if you have done something wrong.
  5. Happy with your success.
  6. Help you to promote in your life.
  7. Always interfere in your work, not to irritate you but to check whether you are doing good or not.
  8. Always be there when you got stuck somewhere.
  9. Moreover, be happy in your happiness.
  10. Trust you.
  11. Fight for you.
  12. Always stand beside  you.

Happy Friendship Day Images HD –

Why people search for friendship images ? Well the image in not only a picture which your friend share through Whatsapp and post in Facebook, it also reveals that you are in the list of their friendship. Images also reveals a feeling behind the pics – feelings of love, affection and care. It shows that they still remember you and also care for you and give you, their blessings. Many people search friendship images over the internet. Here, I have tried a best to provide you awesome, blossom pic which can reveals your feelings towards your friends and make your friendship more stronger than before.

Click here for Friendship Images HD, Images for Boyfriend, Images for Bestfriend. 

Friendship Day


Friendship Day

I personally loved above images, as it suit best on my bestfriend 😉 .

All About Friendship Day , From Where the Concept has been Derived –

Have you ever think the man behind this concept of celebrating the friendship days ? Not yet, have patience you will get to know the name of that Great MAN. Well the concept of celebrating the friendship day first comes from the United state. Yes in US the friendship day was first celebrated in 1935 in the month of August. However the World  Friendship Day – International Friendship Day was proposed in 1958 and now Friendship day, celebrates on various countries like – Nepal, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and many more. I know you are curious to know the man behind this idea 🙂 Click the below link to end up your curiosity.

Click here to find out the man behind the idea of celebrating Friendship days.

Quotes on Friendship Day –

What is the role of quotes on this day ? Yes, friends you are right, quotes is a phrase which express our deep feelings towards friendship. Friendship quotes are the another way to shows that how much you care for your friends, how much you miss them. Quote is not just a word, not just the sentence, it’s a feeling of someone who has write in the memory of someone. As it truly said, lucky are those who found a true and good friends, such a friends of you will share the quotes with you which make your bond more stronger. I know you are also in the search of some unique quotes for your best friend.

Click here to find Friendship Quotes, Friendship Quotes with pic HD.

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Friendship Day Wallpaper Images HD –

The word Wallpaper which indicate the background images of any screen. Normally the wallpaper changes when the person is very happy and excited about the day or with the festival. Wallpaper indicates special feelings of a person. In friendship day, the friends change the wallpaper and dedicate it to their best or close friends to make them feel special and happy. Here are the latest pics of Friendship-day Wallpaper 2017. Click the below link to get some ideas of celebrating friendship day with some awesome gifts.

Wallpaper pics (HD) and the Ideas of unique gifts. 

Article coming soon –

This is all about Happy friendship Day, I hope you got all your answer and satisfied with the images, wallpaper and quotes. Stay tuned will update more images and Quotes. Till then rock your friendship, Happy Friendship Day 🙂

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