Friendship Day Essay for Children & Youth – August 2018

Friendship Day Essay

Friendship Day Essay – Hello friends, first of all  Happy Friendship Day . Friendship is unconditional, it’s a day when friends enjoy outing and parties by spending time all together. If you are very close to your friends and want to express your feeling towards them, then you are here at right post. Here we will going to share Friendship Day Essay below. So your wait is over, here are the Friendship day Essay. Enjoy reading.!

Friendship Day Essay

Friendship Day Essay (for Children) –


  • We cannot live our whole life alone and need a faithful friends who always stand beside us. Friendship is the relation of trust and between two or more. Friends are the one who care for you, fight for you and also scold you, if you have done something wrong. It is not limited to age, sex, caste and the position of the person. All we need is to develop trust among each other. Best friends are the one who always help you in your bad time and all secret with you. It is very difficult to find a good and true friend and I found myself very lucky to have a friend like you. Happy Friendship Day.


Friendship Day Essay (for Youth) –

  • Everyone have friends, some care for it and some don’t, some show the feeling and some don’t. But best friend is the one who not only care for you but also be there with you whenever you need them. Friendship divine a relationship between two or more which develop a strong bond ans trust. True and Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. The one is very lucky who has a friend like DIAMOND. Best friend is the one who see the pain in your eye, while everyone believe in your fake smile. Friendship is all about caring and sharing. Friends know all your weakness but show you your strength, know all your fears but fortifies your faith. They always stand beside you, whenever you got stuck somewhere. A friends is the one who don’t feel jealous with your success and always try to make you feel good. They are the one who scold you when you have done something wrong and the one who feel sorry for you. Happy Friendship Day.


Friendship Essay For Bestfriends –

  • Bestfriends are like mirror, we find our second better half in them. Two bestfriend always ties with an emotions, connected by dreams, reinforced by hopes, unifies by extremes. Best friends are the people who can do anything and nothing and still have the best times. Best friends is the one who care for you but didn’t show it. They are one who teach you, how to tackle with time. Best friends is the greatest of all the blessings. They are like stars, you don’t see them, but you know they are always with you. A friend know all your best stories, but best friend has lived them with you. They are like diamond, harder to find. You are very lucky, if you has a best friend who always support you, stand beside you in your difficult time.

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